How to enter or qualify for the ABF Tour?

If a bowler wants to qualify to the ABF Tour, he/she needs to first enter into the international open championships in the respective countries held preceding to the ABF Tour. Entry fees for the international opens varies from country to country but basically more or less the same. Say for HongKong, a bowler needs to pay entry fees to compete in the Single, Doubles, Trios and or Team events and All Events. However, only Singles events score will count for Masters qualifying. Registration fee are also required for the Masters Finals. An example of fees calculation is as follows:

Registration fee
(including all event & banquet) HK$280 per person

Trios/Team entry fee
HK$280 per team
Approx.   HK$100 per person

HK$180 per doubles team
ie.   HK$90 per person

Singles (4-game series)
HK$200 per singles/squad
You may do multiple attempts,
say 4 attempts = HK$800

Master qualifying
(2 series of 3 games each) HK$640**

TOTAL ENTRY FEES = HK$ 1,910 (ie. approx. US$245)

As a reference - Men's champion prize money for Hong Kong International Open is HK$20,000 (ie. US$2,564)

For hotel rooms, it varies from US$ 60 - US$100 per night per room across all the legs. You may visit the www.abf-online.org for information of Secretariat details.

Top 16 men and top 16 women Asian finishers** of the Masters Open categories of the international opens will qualify to enter into the ABF Tour for single elimination competitions.

  1. To be eligible for participation in the Tour (or any part thereof) as a Bowler, the following conditions must be satisfied:
    1. the competitor must be born in a Member Country;
    2. the competitor must be of Asian ethnicity and descent;
    3. the competitor must be an individual member in good standing of the Federation of a Member Country;
    4. the competitor must, throughout the duration of the Tour (from the commencement of the first Leg to the conclusion of the Tournament of Champions), hold a valid and current passport of a Member Country; and
    5. the competitor must have been continuously domiciled and resident in a Member Country / Member Countries for the period of not less than three (3) consecutive years immediately preceding the year 2004;
    6. the competitor shall not, and shall not at any time during the period of three (3) years immediately preceding the date on which the first Leg commences:
      1. identify, or have identified, himself as a professional bowler; and/or
      2. hold, or have held, membership in any professional bowling organisation or tour; and/or
      3. compete, or have competed, in any professional bowling tournament, event or tour, or any bowling tournament, event or tour that is not sanctioned by the American Zone, the European Tenpin Bowing Federation or the ABF.

  2. Any competitor who is not of Asian ethnicity and descent is ineligible to participate in the Tour as a Bowler unless such competitor satisfies the conditions set out in clauses 1.1(a), 1.1(c), 1.1(d), 1.1(e) and 1.1(f).
  3. Any competitor who is not born in a Member Country is ineligible to participate in the Tour as a Bowler unless such competitor satisfies the conditions set out in clauses 4.1(b) to 1.1(f) (inclusive).
  4. The ABF may, in its sole discretion, exclude the application of clause 4.1(e) on the basis that a competitor has been domiciled and/or resident outside the Member Countries at any time during the period of three (3) consecutive years immediately preceding the year 2004 for educational purposes.
  5. Notwithstanding the satisfaction of the eligibility conditions set out in clauses 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 and without prejudice to clause 13.2, the ABF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any competitor from competing and participating in the Tour (or any part thereof) on the basis of medical and/or health-related reasons.
  6. As and when required by the ABF, each Bowler shall provide to the ABF such documentary evidence that the eligibility conditions set out in clauses 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (as applicable) are fully satisfied. For the avoidance of doubt, the ABF shall have final determination on any and all Bowler eligibility issues relating to the Tour.
  7. There is no age limit for Bowlers in the Tour.
Detailed entry requirements is avaiable here.

No entry fee is required for the ABF Tour.

For more information about the international opens, please visit the following websites:

Asian Bowling Federation www.abf-online.org
Qatar Bowling Federation www.qatarbowlingfederation.com
Bahrain Bowling Association www.bba.bh
Kuwait Bowling Federation www.kuwaitbowling.com
Egypt Bowling Federation www.egyptbowling.com
Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress www.hktbc.org.hk
Macau China Bowling Association www.macauchinabowling.org
Chinese Taipei Bowling Association www.tpebowling.url.tw
China Bowling Association www.bowling.sport.org.cn
Saudi Bowling Federation kingdom.sbf.org.sa

Remark: Those who are interested to qualify for the ABF Tour must be a current paid up member of any ABF member federations.

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